Why Choose Us?

With the company’s dedicated team striving to put forward efficient and reliable ISO tanker cleaning service in Pakistan, the future building is meant to happen.

At PTO, we deliver state-of-the-art services to our clients all over Pakistan. We carry out operations under eminent management and surveillance. Our high quality, time-sensitive and adequate services have made PTO a reliable name in the ISO tanker cleaning service industry.

With PTO, the future is YOU

First Company To Establish ISO Tanks Cleaning Depot In Pakistan.

PTO aims to become the building blocks of ISO tank services in Pakistan and around the globe. The responsive nature of PTO helps it deliver innovate services in the ISO tanks storage and maintenance industry

Who we are

The first dedicated cleaning station to facilitate ISO Tank Containers in Pakistan for its high-standard services.


Our Values

To uphold the highest standards of integrity and transparency and to deliver state-of-the-art services,



PTO is the only ISO Tank depot

in the region having a complete arrangement of Denisol Indigo cleaning & periodical inspection.

First company to establish

ISO Tanks cleaning depot in Pakistan.

First company to offer Periodic Testing for

2.5 year and 5 years in Pakistan.

First company to Clean & Periodical testing

of dedicated Dystar indigo ISO Tanks.

First company to Complete External Marine painting

of ISO tanks steel frame & Fiber Cladding.

First company to Carried out NDT

(Non Destructive Testing) by BV Survey at PTO for 5 years’ periodic test of ISO Tanks.