Cleaning Service


PTO provides fully automated cleaning of the ISO tank as per set standards. The facility offers drive-through cleaning bays. One of the bays is dedicated to foodstuff, offering interior steam and regular cleaning as well as exterior cleaning.

Advantages of our cleaning facility

To provide a top-notch cleaning facility, PTO has carefully segregated the advantages of acquiring its cleaning services into the following aspects:

  • Management committed to meeting customer requirements
  • Separate bays for food and chemical tanks
  • Superior quality washing at competitive rates
  • Tanks sealed after washing
  • Steam Heating Facilities
  • The automated state-of-the-art cleaning system
  • Guarantees consistently reliable wash cycles
  • Guarantees wash temperature
  • Specific wash cycles programmed on touch PLC
  • Removes residues
  • Greatly reduces the need for a man in the tank and decreases hidden wash charges
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Risk-free washing allows the customer to utilize equipment to its' maximum