Safety And Environment

Safety and Environment

Transportation of hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods requires a great deal of responsibility. PTO realizes the importance of such measures, therefore our specially trained ISO inspectors make extra efforts in providing full convenience and the required peace of mind in the transportation of goods through ISO tanks. Our safety measures and services involve providing ease of transportation in rail, road, and sea. Safety of the hazardous substances during transport and its disposal are of paramount importance to us.

We have permits to clean a large variety of products, including dangerous goods and foodstuffs. Our foodstuffs cleaning bays are completely separated from the cleaning of chemical substances and have been designed keeping the world standards in mind.

As our choices keep pushing our planet’s resources on the brim, we seriously need to take some time out to make a set of choices that can maintain the goodness of our modern life but with a regard to conserve what earth has for us. At PTO we feel that we can make a difference and help the environment and for this purpose all our cleaning installations are equipped with the most modern techniques to minimize the environmental impact.

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Waste Management

Liquid Waste
Management & Recycling

Our ISO tank cleaning bays have fast track trolley systems for efficient tank container handling. All wastewater generated from the cleaning process is stored in septic tanks which have a capacity of up to 9000 gallons. We have also signed a contract with a waste management company (waste busters) who will treat the waste through their wastewater treatment plant every week. At PTO we care for the environment and will always adhere to the most environmentally sound wastewater procedures.