Corporate Social Responsibility

“Your Business Can’t Win If The Society Around You Fails”

The above-stated belief encourages the company’s faith in its corporate social responsibility policies and ethics.

Having well-established policies that determine the companies actions,PTO has formulated its empire on a purpose to serve the society with its intentions based on its corporate social responsibility ideologies.

Ever since the company began its journey in the corporate sector, there hasn’t been a single day when we didn’t preach and practice our corporate social responsibility norms and values. Stressing on our share of efforts for the betterment of the society, PTO has been determined to succeed in providing the country with beneficial and meaningful endeavors.

Making our corporate social responsibility policy an integral part of our decorum, here’s what we have managed to provide the country with, apart from our high-quality operational work that meets international standards.

Pakistan Terminal operators Sponsors School for the Under Privileged:

Believing in the power of education, PTO has wholeheartedly sponsored a government school that helps in educating the future of our country.

Our principles have taught us to exercise equality neglect discrimination while assisting our valuable clients at work, therefore, our aim to spread similar teachings within the society compelled us to build this school in the underprivileged area of Karachi.

The school has managed to educate several underprivileged children of the country. And with PTO sponsorship programs, almost 300 girls of the school have been provided educational support.

Pakistan Terminal operators Efforts for the Deaf Reach School in Pakistan:

As the official website of the school states, “The Deaf Reach Program is an initiative of Family Educational Services Foundation (FESF), a non-profit educational organization active in Pakistan since 1984. FESF is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all members of the community, especially those who are disadvantaged,” PTO stands hand in hand with the beneficial initiative.

Considering the need for financial help in such non-profit organizations, PTO offers a yearly donation to the organization so that the initiative to educate the deaf children in Pakistan faces no obstacle.

Pakistan Terminal operators Support to Recreational Activities in Pakistan:

Corporate Social Responsibility policy compels the companies to help build their country stronger and independent. Keeping these policies in mind, PTO has managed to show support in the sports and recreational sector of Pakistan.

Apart from sponsoring educational support, the company has been upfront in promoting sports and recreational activities in the country, and Regatta is one of them.